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Azzurri Selects ScienceLogic to Monitor Its Customers’ Unified Communications Systems

Azzurri Communications Australia, a leading independent provider of managed communications services, has selected ScienceLogic’s next generation hybrid IT monitoring software to monitor its customers’ Unified Communications systems. With ScienceLogic in place, Azzurri Communication’s customers are assured best in class performance of their Unified Communications Systems.

Specifically, ScienceLogic was chosen for:

  • Complete Coverage for Unified Communications and Telepresence: Ability to automatically discover and monitor every layer of a Unified Communications system as well as support for all major UC and telepresence platforms.
  • Multi-Tenancy: Highly automated, multi-tenant capabilities built from the ground up provide multiple levels of data segmentation, by user profile, organization profile, geography profile, technology profile, and many other profiles.
  • Ticketing and Runbook Automation: Built-in runbook automation and ticketing drives greater efficiency by automating actions and reduces costs by eliminating the need for a separate ticketing solution.
  • Hybrid IT: Complete support for all aspects of an infrastructure from the power and network up to applications paired with the most comprehensive coverage available for public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We needed something that would support our current level of offerings around networks with such things as jitter and latency and MOS scoring for voice services,” said Jon Evans, managing director of Azzurri Communications, Asia-Pacific. “After evaluating numerous vendors, it was clear that ScienceLogic had the widest breadth coverage for unified communications and telepresence technologies.”