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28% of IT Professionals Surveyed Fear that Cloud Adoption is Putting Their Jobs at Risk

More than 30% of IT Professionals Feel Improperly Trained to Lead Cloud Deployments

ScienceLogic, the leader in hybrid IT service assurance, today released the results of a survey of over 1,100 enterprise and MSP IT professionals.* Amongst the surprising findings is that 28% of IT workers surveyed fear that cloud adoption is putting their job at risk. And 30% of IT workers feel improperly trained to lead cloud deployments. This is particularly alarming as survey data additionally suggests that cloud adoption is occurring at a faster pace than leading analysts projected.

“It’s no secret that the cloud has fundamentally impacted business strategies,” said Dave Link, CEO, ScienceLogic. “But it has also impacted the personal careers of IT professionals. It’s forced them to rapidly adapt to new technologies and new mindsets that are often application centric vs infrastructure centric. Without the right professional development and tools to manage cloud adoption, they may find themselves disadvantaged.”

Findings included:

    • 28% have concern that the adoption of cloud infrastructure may put their current job at risk
    • 31% say they lack necessary job skills to lead cloud deployment effort with confidence
    • 40% said their company’s data center footprint is shrinking compared to 3 years ago
    • 42% said they have 25% or more of their infrastructure in cloud environments today (a 10% increase over one

year’s time)

  • 23% said they have more than half in the cloud today (a 10% increase over one year’s time)
  • Only 3% said they expect to have no cloud infrastructure in 2 years
  • 50% say they lack the right tools to monitor and manage cloud deployments
  • 37% say they lack the knowledge of which workloads they should migrate to public or private clouds

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*This survey was conducted by ScienceLogic with the goal of understanding the issues around public cloud adoption and how traditional IT infrastructure is changing. More than 1,100 IT professionals responded with 70% being from the Americas, 14% from Europe, Middle East, or Africa, and 16% from the Asia Pacific region. 54% of the respondents were enterprise businesses, 28% were service providers, and 18% government or public sector.