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Symposium Spotlight: Shankar Ananthanarayanan

Director of Engineering
Hi I’m Shankar Ananthanarayanan. I’m the Director of Engineering here at ScienceLogic—managing the machine learning aspects of AIOps and automations.

I am very excited to be part of the Logicians Corner at Symposium 2020 Virtual, where I’ll be showing attendees how to build automations so that they can solve problems faster. I want our customers to get the most out of their time—basically feeling like they’ve cloned themselves when it comes to figuring out issues in their IT ecosystem. Because every single second matters when you get into the problem space. And every business is unique with its own processes. Being able to automate those processes and visually see how all of it works to solve problems is critical to every organization. And building more automations means you can achieve higher levels of productivity, eliminate the risk of human error, and streamline operational processes.

Also, this year at Symposium, I’m very excited to talk about machine learning, not just from a device perspective, but from a business service perspective. Machine learning provides you real-time visibility to understand the business impact and prioritize work based on business relevance so that you can act in advance to prevent service outages, resolve or avoid incidents, and automate additional IT process workflows. This enables you to scale your operations and services so that your organization is poised for growth and innovation.

Please visit my Logicians Corner booth at Symposium, where I can show you a demo of SL1 and answer any questions you have on machine learning and building out more automations to help you speed root-cause analysis while reducing MTTR.

See you soon at Symposium 2020 Virtual!