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Meet Maureen Cannon, Senior Product Manager

Meet ScienceLogic's Maureen Cannon, Senior Product Manager and Logician Corner Lab Leader.

Hi, I’m Maureen Cannon!

Q: What do you do at ScienceLogic?
A: I’m one of the product managers here at ScienceLogic. I am involved in the cloud side of our monitoring platform and responsible for all of the hyperscalers- AWS, Azure, GCP, Ally Cloud, as well as IBM Cloud.

Q: What does IT in Motion mean for you?
A: So, what is IT in Motion and what does it mean specifically to me? Not a big surprise since I’m the Product Manager for cloud here at ScienceLogic, but IT in Motion means virtualization. Often times when you think of virtualization you think of things like VMware. Well, VMware is the initial type of virtualization, but now cloud is your major virtualization. And, even within cloud, we’re seeing more of virtualization and IT in motion in things like containers, Kubernetes, and serverless computing. Everything is becoming more modular, and moveable, and “in motion” in the cloud.

Q: What can attendees talk to you about at Symposium?
A: For those of you who are watching, I hope you’re going to join us at our symposium next month where we’ll talk more about IT in Motion, but specifically come by the Logician’s Corner (the LC as we like to call it) and I’d be happy to talk to you about what we have available to help you manage and maintain your cloud. In addition, I’d like to understand what your business priorities are and how we can help you be successful when moving workloads to the cloud.

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