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How a Business Services Approach to Service Delivery Helps IT Outsourcers Accelerate Successful Business Outcomes

Outsourcing critical business services or processes, businesses can meet operational requirements for greater process visibility, resulting in cost-effective, streamlined business-critical services.

The industry often thinks about the outsourcing of IT labor, but rarely about outsourcing critical business services. Yet, to be most effective in driving digital transformation within the enterprise, it is clear that IT outsourcers (ITOs) must transform the way they deliver IT services in the digital age. Enterprise organizations are looking to ITOs to help them deliver not only IT efficiencies, but also to deliver meaningful business outcomes that affect the bottom line.

A Customer’s Journey

The quest to automate, manage across hybrid/cloud environments, and close gaps between infrastructure and applications to deliver high-quality services is embodied in a recent scenario. A top-tier global system integrator selected the ScienceLogic SL1 platform to provide executive-level and operational visibility as key components of a managed application solution.

The client was a global packaged goods and beverage company—a recognizable, worldwide brand with zero tolerance for downtime. More specifically, SL1 was used to assure the availability of a multi-national order fulfillment business process through a managed application solution.

The business requirements of the solution included:

  • Business process visibility
  • Complete IT operational dashboards
  • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR)

The client environment was operationally siloed—infrastructure, network, database, applications, and IT service management. There were legacy systems and custom applications including mainframes. Multiple pre-defined integration points and data flows added to the complexity of the solution. Many unknowns also hindered the requirement to be fully operational within a few months.

SL1 provided the following capabilities to helps solves these problems:

  • Data collection and monitoring by natively discovering and monitoring application infrastructure and collecting data from new and existing tools (such as application performance management)
  • Application process visualization through custom dashboards, based on real-time, contextual data as a basis for accurate status representation
  • Integration of data from multiple sources including custom monitoring systems

The ability to leverage innovations in AI, ML, and automation to establish clean data, created the foundation for custom dashboarding and business process visualization—all hard requirements for this managed application solution with the results being meaningful to both the CIO and ITOps. The visualization and automation enabled executives and operations to understand how application elements impacted critical business services, with faster root-cause analysis, and reduced downtime—ultimately, a positive impact on the client’s bottom line.

ITOs Grow Their Business With a Service-Centric Approach

By combining people, innovation in technology, and project management, this ITO reimagined IT service delivery with a focus on positive business outcomes to win the project. And this is just one story of how a top systems integrator leveraged ScienceLogic to transform IT service delivery.

Transformation done right can provide service assurance and inherently drive cost-savings for both the provider and the client. In addition, a positive end-user digital experience and increased customer retention positively impacted the client’s bottom line–likely resulting in more strategic discussions and positioning the service provider as a trusted advisor.

As we work alongside some of the world’s largest ITOs, digital transformation is clearly essential for enterprise clients and service providers alike. This innovative approach, which manages critical business services, rather than infrastructure components alone, sets a new standard for the way in which successful ITOs can drive digital transformation in the enterprise and win in the marketplace.

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