Gone are the days of ‘banker’s hours’. In today’s 24/7 digital world, customers expect financial services that never sleep – always available wherever they are, whenever they want. To keep customers happy and loyal, your IT infrastructure needs to run at peak efficiency and reliability around the clock. A single outage can crush confidence and send customers fleeing to competitors.

ScienceLogic SL1 gives financial services IT teams complete peace of mind. With 100% total visibility across your entire network and infrastructure, real-time data ingestion, and smart analytics, you always know your business’ status. And when problems strike, SL1’s powerful automated incident response swings into action – helping you diagnose and fixing issues fast to keep your complex services, systems, and applications running smoothly 24/7.

A Platform Built for the Challenges of Financial Services

Powerful Automated Incident Management

Managing financial services IT is a juggling act of complex systems, services, and apps. And when one piece falters, it shakes the trust and faith of customers.

SL1 helps prevent and solve issues faster, giving you complete visibility across all infrastructure to close gaps in detection, analysis, and resolution. Powerful IT automations resolve up to 50% of incidents without human intervention.

Automating root cause analysis and incident response gets services back online in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. That’s 94% faster time to resolution – crucial for operational resiliency and meeting sky-high customer expectations.

Supports Core Financial Business Applications and Services

Technology evolves fast—customers expect you to keep pace with the latest tools and apps for seamless experiences. From mobile banking to complex commercial services, you need an IT platform built for modern financial services infrastructure.

SL1 simplifies IT ops challenges, easily onboarding new financial tools without disruption. It keeps those apps running smoothly for customers. And it streamlines integration after mergers and acquisitions.

Fast Root Cause Analysis Minimizes Customer Impact

Recurring issues waste time/money and erode satisfaction when outages strike. Unacceptable. SL1’s powerful ML pinpoints service issue root causes with 96% accuracy by understanding and correlating millions of infrastructure events. Generative AI explains the “why” clearly, so teams know exactly what to fix, no matter how complex the environment.

Predictive Intelligence Prevents Outages

What’s better than lightning-fast recovery? Avoiding outages altogether. With AI-driven predictive response, SL1’s machine learning adapts to your environment, detecting subtle performance changes. It analyzes system behavior, automating response/mitigation, and alerting teams with clear insights for fast, accurate action.

SL1 also prioritizes response and resource allocation. Recognizing potential issues before they impact service, reduces costly downtime by 75% and prevents incidents.

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