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Unified Monitoring for Cisco Network Devices Keep Your Network Healthy

Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues and outages—before your users start calling.

Upgrading your router or switch technology? Investing in SDN? Expanding your network architecture? No problem. Our unified monitoring platform automatically configures itself so you can start monitoring immediately. Once it’s set up, the platform continuously learns what, where and how elements are performing and interacting. You immediately see relevant information in role-specific dashboards, including actionable events/alert notifications driven by best practice monitoring policies. Because the platform integrates seamlessly with your IT management ecosystem, you can automate routine operational processes like ticketing, asset tracking, and remediation.

No matter what Cisco (or other network) technology you have, today or tomorrow, you can focus on managing your network—instead of your monitoring tool.

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Monitor All of Your Cisco Gear Right Out-Of-The-Box

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  • WAN
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  • SDN

Customer Successes

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Cisco Remote Management Services relies on ScienceLogic to enable rapid deployment

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iovation preferred ScienceLogic’s ease of implementation and wealth of out-of-the-box features over “Big 4” alternatives

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Iron Bow Technologies ensures best-practices with help from ScienceLogic

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The Signature Group built new revenue streams on ScienceLogic’s managed services operations platform

Keep Your Cisco Network Infrastructure Healthy

Monitor network activity, throughput, availability, performance, usage, configuration, and capacity trends/forecasts of your network equipment. Alert based on industry standards and vendor-recommended best practices.

  • Network activity and throughput: monitor active interfaces, BGP sessions, OSPF neighbor states, EIGRP health, and more; view real-time and historical throughput at-a-glance to identify abnormal traffic patterns
  • Firewall usage: track tunnel usage, session count, encrypted throughput as TCP/UDP statistics and transmissions
  • SDN: detect, monitor and visualize the entire Cisco ACI system, including Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APICs), Nexus switches, Fabrics, pods, tenants, server clusters, end point groups (EPGs), Application Network profiles, and more
  • Hardware: detect all monitor line cards and installed options as well as CPUs, memory pools, and temperature sensors to ensure consistency and optimal performance
  • Wireless access points: monitor operational status of access points
  • Quality of Service (CBQoS): monitor profiles for every interface to ensure service levels are met
  • IP SLA: monitor policies to detect performance problems in real-time

ScienceLogic helps you maintain the health of your network infrastructure

Discover and map all of your Cisco environment with ScienceLogic

Discover & Map All of Your Cisco Network Gear

Automatically discover and keep track of changes in your entire network.

Provide Role-Specific Visibility into Your Cisco Network

Use a single platform to monitor everything, everywhere. See everything you need to see in order to make sure your Cisco network environment is working.

  • Get role-specific visibility into all of your Cisco network gear with built-in, best practice dashboards
  • Segment visibility by user, business unit, geography, technology, and many other profiles
  • Assess availability, performance, usage, health, risk, anomalies, trends/forecasts for Cisco components

Show the right data to the right user with ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic provides universal network visibility

Get Universal Network Visibility

Comprehensive visibility for Cisco and other network devices in one solution.

  • Automatically monitor your entire IT network—whether on-premises or hosted—from a single console
  • Ensure a consistent approach when managing multiple vendors and technologies
  • Be prepared to support the needs of every business unit—whether on-premises or in AWS, Azure, or any other cloud

Troubleshoot & Resolve Issues Quickly

View every aspect of your network in a single interface. Diagnose and resolve emerging issues before they impact users.

  • Proactively detect and be alerted on configuration changes, failures, anomalies, and performance issues
  • Easily navigate network, storage, and compute relationships for on- and off-premises services to speed problem resolution and ensure optimal performance
  • Drill into specific areas of concern—without needing a separate product
  • Monitor everything and intelligently capture deep diagnostics to speed diagnosis and resolution
  • Avoid finger-pointing and reduce MTTR for critical business services with unified troubleshooting; understand if issues are your problem or caused by a third party
  • Utilize runbook automation for immediate response to performance or availability degradation as well as configuration changes

Find and remediate issues quickly with ScienceLogic

Sciencelogic populates ServiceNow with actionable data

Integrate with Your IT Management Ecosystem

Easily integrate with other IT management solutions for full visibility and optimization of your IT services.