PowerShell Integration with ScienceLogic - ScienceLogic

Customer Story

Josh Einstein supports many different departments at Telesystem and oversees the integration of ScienceLogic. Telesystem monitors thousands of customers devices and needed to get all that data into ScienceLogic.

The API provided a great way to batch the data, and Telesystem worked on an innovation to build a set of PowerShell modules on top of the API. They can now easily prototype different strategies to get data into ScienceLogic. Josh can open a command line, start typing, and get the exact data he needs out of ScienceLogic. Getting data into and out of ScienceLogic becomes a rapid process that doesn’t disrupt users’ daily workflow.

The scalability and flexibility of ScienceLogic creates a unifying platform that incorporates new technologies as well as Telesystem’s own internal equipment.