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ScienceLogic SL1: Accelerate Automation— CMDB, Incident and more

To date, Incident Automation has been encumbered by the lack of accurate configuration and relationship data in the configuration management database (CMDB). In the ephemeral world of micro-service based applications and containerized workloads, this problem becomes infinitely more complex.

ScienceLogic SL1 solves this problem by automatically discovering new https://sciencelogic.com/solutions/incident-managemenConfiguration Items (CI’s) as they are added to the environment and tracking relationship changes in real-time. Through ScienceLogic’s PowerSync technology, external Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) like ServiceNow can be updated in real-time, making Automation a reality — from Incident Management, Incident Enrichment, and Remediation to Configuration Management, Change Management, Compliance Management, Capacity Management, and more.