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Reduce MTTR by Automating Troubleshooting


About this webinar

The effort to troubleshoot issues emerging from a heterogenous but inter-dependent IT environment often equates to finding a needle in a haystack. Datasets are disconnected leading to unmanageable event noise. Diagnosing issues simply results in war-room finger-pointing. And precious time is wasted on creating and updating incidents instead of focusing on resolution. The result is delayed resolution and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction. ScienceLogic can help you reduce MTTR by automating event triage, diagnostics, and enrichment in your data center. Join this session to learn how you can achieve up to 70% reduction in your manual troubleshooting efforts.
In this webinar, you will learn how:
  • ScienceLogic automatically enriches incoming events with diagnostic data.
  • To troubleshoot issues automatically through three common use cases.
  • Combining event enrichment with incident automation can further reduce MTTR.