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Node4 Helps Clients Address Key Digital Transformation Challenges

How do you help clients address the key challenges, then? And give us some examples, not specifically, but somebody potentially that you’ve helped with these challenges with digital transformation.

Tom Needs (Node4):
So I think the key starting point for all of this understanding what is the board agenda. So what is the board driving for? What are the strategic priorities? What are the pressures they’re facing? What is the market kind of pressure they’re facing? What challenges they’re trying to solve. So for us that’s the starting point, and that gives us kind of the ultimate destination the customer’s got to go to. We then kind of boil that back in to understand the specific workloads that they’re managing and kind of the direction of travel for each of those workloads. And also the constraints around those workloads, the commercial constraints, the risk constraints, the security constraints, data governance, etc. So they’re all the things we need to consider when we’re architecting the right platform for our customers.

Tom Needs (Node4):
But one thing we think about for all of our customers is future-proofing it. So every customer, you know, they’re not boxed into a particular solution. We can always push them forward with new variants of cloud or the other services that we do provide as well. And a particular example of this is, we’ve had a very long-term financial services customer taking colocation services from us, and also networking services. And we’ve recently kind of completely changed the profile of the business that we’re working for them now. So, we’re ultimately delivering a significant infrastructure as a service platform, linked into Azure for the data archiving and all the connectivity that comes with that as well. So they are not all the way through that transformation, but certainly on their way now, and have many, many options ahead of them.