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Modernizing IT with ScienceLogic

Video Transcript

With new technologies and tools emerging every day, IT teams are tasked with more to manage, and less time to do so, than ever before.

The question is—how?

Is it possible to seamlessly integrate and support new technologies, while also maintaining core legacy infrastructure—and remain sane?

With ScienceLogic, it is.

Our unified monitoring platform enables IT teams to monitor and manage their entire IT environment, regardless of where it resides—on- or off-premises, in a public or private cloud, or both.

The platform provides the agility required for rapid adoption of new technology, and the flexibility to manage both the old and the new—all while streamlining operational workflows to increase efficiency and allow IT teams to take on new projects.

Our solution is purpose-built for hybrid IT and hybrid cloud deployments—offering broad and deep support for multiple technology stacks, as well as integrations with popular third party products to simplify and automate services like ticketing and alerting.

We know that sometimes change does happen overnight—so our platform was designed to easily add support for the latest technologies, and easily scales to meet current workload requirements.

The platform also automates many of the routine manual tasks that traditional monitoring tools require by performing a series of core operations:

Intelligent Auto-Discovery
Our patented technology automatically performs deep, multi-technology discovery and classifies resources in all of your environments.
Industry-Proven Monitoring Policies
Best-practice policies for data collection, event rules and actions are all automatically configured and applied to the appropriate resource. Rules and actions can be applied across individual or multiple performance, configuration, and asset metrics.
Dependency Mapping
Interdependencies between various resources are detected and mapped. This feature enables the platform to assess any potential impact on overall service delivery.
Visualization of Data
Using the data collected, the platform automatically populates, role-specific dashboards, providing users with live enterprise-wide or departmental views. You can also partition the data within the views based on each user’s function.
Our open API combined with runbook automation lets you exchange data, streamline operational workflows, and automate remediation actions and routine tasks across all technologies.

Our easily configurable platform adjusts to support exactly what you need, when you need it. Whether you’re looking to adopt new technologies, move to a hybrid cloud environment, build a next-gen data center, or simply trying to consolidate your tools—ScienceLogic’s industry-leading platform will help you refine your vision, and start building it today.