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IT Service Modeling in the Age of Cloud and Containers

Analyst Report

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Interview with Gustav van Vuuren, CTO at AppCentrix

This report includes a real-world case study on how AppCentrix uses ScienceLogic to support 45 data centers, 6,000 sites, and 500,000,000 metrics per day.

Empower your organization forward by adding context to your IT service modeling.

Service modeling adoption in its various dimensions is defined by interdependencies—whether it’s a bidirectional integration between DDM and CMDB/CMS solutions, or the growing role of analytics and AIOps. Modern IT service modeling provides context for analytics, automation, monitoring, discovery, service catalogs, and other technology investments needed in the digital age.

In IT Service Modeling in the Age of Cloud and Containers, EMA analyst Dennis Drogseth exposes the:

  • Interdependencies of CMDBs, CSMs, and DDM
  • Synergies between AIOps and service modeling
  • Benefits of service modeling for application performance management, optimizing infrastructure, and more

If you have already married AIOps with service modeling, you’re ahead of the game. If not, download this EMA report to discover how to advance your service modeling.