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How IT Lab Helps Their Clients Achieve Digital Transformation

What are you planning to help clients with next? What’s going to be the next big thing, do you think?

Michael Bateman (IT Lab): So I think a really interesting trend that we’re seeing right now, so it kind of bridges that gap before I talk about what might be coming next. Is we’re starting to see clients want to move off cloud infrastructure. So what do I mean by that? I mean clients who have today pushed for really good infrastructure as a service. So it might be AWS, it might be Azure. But you’ve taken work loads, you’ve taken your VM’s and you’ve put them in Azure and you’ve started to optimize for infrastructure of service. Those clients are now coming to us saying, we want to have a zero IS footprint. If we have to consuming something, it should be as a platform. And if we can manage it, we want to be using software as a service, and soft space tools and web based services as much as possible. The challenge then comes, how do you like that data together? How do you get meaningful insight from it? How do you join those things up in a way that’s still means that you have a business process that can flow, and you can report on. But the driver to be out of cloud in a traditional kind of infrastructure sense is something that we’ve only started to see over the past six months.