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HCL: Transforming IT Operations for the Digital Enterprise


About this webinar

Transforming your organization to the Digital Enterprise requires stack management beginning with IT infrastructure and application monitoring, automation, orchestration and visualization. Learn how HCL utilizes DRYiCE to transform their own IT and business operations, explore the DRYiCE managed service platform architecture integrated with ScienceLogic’s SL1, and gain insight on the results HCL achieves with DRYiCE to deliver a consumer centric IT services experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A new approach to reimagine IT and business operations
  • How HCL transformed their own IT and business systems
  • The architecture of an IT operations environment geared to deliver business services in an ‘anything-as-a-service’ model

32 mins

Clayton Ching, Global Head of Product Management, HCL DRYiCE