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The IoT & Enterprise Networks

Analyst Report
This 2017 Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research report, sponsored by ScienceLogic, explores how network infrastructure teams execute IoT projects. It identifies the technologies they adopt, the challenges they encounter, and the partnerships they form. It also looks at the benefits of success and the consequences of failure.

  • How enterprise network infrastructure teams contribute to IoT strategies at their organizations
  • The planning and engineering challenges encountered
  • The architectural choices teams make to deliver connectivity to IoT devices
  • How network infrastructure teams manage, monitor, and troubleshoot IoT networks
  • The organizational impacts experienced by network teams when they implement IoT projects

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Key Findings

  • Nearly 90% of research participants said that the network team plays a leading role in at least some of the organization’s IoT initiatives
  • 73% of organizations have implemented analytics at the edge of their IoT ecosystem
  • 52% of respondents reported that IoT has created or worsened blind spots in their network monitoring architecture