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CSA Achieves 50% Year-on-Year Growth in Managed Services

Customer Story
CSA, a multi-award-winning company, is Australia’s leading integrator of risk-tolerant information technology. They provide services across systems integration, managed services, and value-added reseller domains.


  • Existing monitoring platform lacked transparency for customers
  • Required support for new and diverse vendor technologies
  • Difficulty responding to incidents in real-time

ScienceLogic SL1

  • A single management solution across all IT domains
  • Flexible dashboards that offer customers real-time performance visibility
  • Support and actionable insights for managing across voice, video, and collaboration systems


  • 50% year-on-year growth
  • Respond to incidents in real-time with SL1’s event correlation combined with automated incidents and CMDB enrichment
  • Deliver new, differentiated services powered by ScienceLogic
The number of technologies that ScienceLogic supports out-of-the-box is impressive, and the ability to extend the solution is quite powerful.

ScienceLogic is a quality solution that helps us mature our processes quickly. From both a management perspective and a skills perspective, this was quite an important process for our organization to grow

Michael Woods

Portfolio Manager, CSA

ScienceLogic provides actionable insights to resolve and predict problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. The platform sees everything across cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integrations and automations.

Business Challenges
CSA recognized that if they wanted to grow—and grow quickly—they needed to change their current toolset. They manage a wide range of infrastructure technologies and vendors for their customers and sought a solution to bring it all together.

CSA aims to constantly improve customer experiences and relationships. They realized their current tools didn’t offer enough customer transparency. Although they provided monitoring services to support customers’ success, they did not offer a comprehensive solution that enabled CSA to remain competitive. “Historically, with the toolsets we were using, our customers couldn’t see into the tools or platforms. When we delivered services, the only output they saw was a monthly report,” said Michael Woods, Portfolio Manager at CSA. “Another key thing we wanted was to have a single management solution that could manage a range of different technologies including network infrastructure, server and storage specialization technologies, application-centric technologies, Microsoft Skype for Business, Exchange, etc.”

The new solution also needed to support ever-changing technologies and integrate with ServiceNow so they could ensure an accurate CMDB and automate their incident management process.

Why ScienceLogic?

CSA found that ScienceLogic had everything they needed to offer scalable, personalized, and transparent IT management to their customers.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
With the ability to personalize dashboards for customers and respond to incidents in real time, CSA improved the quality of their customer service. “Our main focus through the entire process was on our customers;
we wanted to make sure their lives were easier,” said Michael.
Differentiated Services
Overall, ScienceLogic helped CSA mature their service offerings to become more competitive. “The technology landscape evolves rapidly, and we need to be able to effectively support new technology as it comes out,” said Michael.
Automated Incidents with an Accurate ServiceNow CMDB
ScienceLogic helps CSA automatically create ServiceNow incidents based on actionable performance alerts. “Previously, we had an email inbox that would receive more than 1,000 alert emails every day. It was unmanageable. ScienceLogic helped wipe out that noise. Now, alerts are de-duplicated in ScienceLogic before incidents are automatically created in ServiceNow. We’re handling issue resolution much faster.” ScienceLogic automatically populates accurate configuration item (CI) data in CSA’s configuration management database (CMDB). “We can troubleshoot so much faster when incidents are tied to accurate CIs in ServiceNow.”
Disclaimer: The information contained in this case study is provided for illustrative purposes. A company’s experience may vary based on individual circumstances. There can be no assurance that every company will achieve similar results in comparable situations.