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Assure IT Service Delivery with Complete Discovery

Video Transcript

With the complex interdependencies of modern software-driven technologies, how do you figure out what’s working and what’s not?

ScienceLogic’s patented discovery does the heavy lifting for you. It derives deep knowledge across all technology, vendors, and clouds so you:

  • Know what resources you have and what’s running on them.
  • Collect the right data—be it configuration, performance, availability, even asset data.
  • Determine how everything works together to deliver key IT services.
  • Assess whether everything is working. And if not, notify the right people.
  • Trigger automated actions when certain conditions occur to make your life easier.
  • See all of this information in one place, and let others see it too.
  • Immediately know if anything changes, and if it’s impacting service delivery.

Once you’re up and running:

  • If you’re using a mix of vendors, you get consistent visibility.
  • If you want to change the data you collect, or change how you assess or respond to certain conditions, you only need to make a policy change once, and the updates are applied to all of the right resources for you.
  • Resources spin up and spin down—all you need to do is focus on the outcomes.
  • And, once you set up one technology or vendor, it’s easy to add more.

It’s simple to get started with our pre-configured, best practice monitoring policies neatly packaged within over 1,500 vendor packs. If they don’t fit your need, you can tune them. You can even create your own.

Without the right tools, it’s impossible to expect IT to fully grasp how well your IT universe is performing.

ScienceLogic makes it possible with a single unified platform that automatically and intelligently discovers, maps, and monitors the overall health of your IT services—across the full breadth and depth of your technologies and vendors—at all times.