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Clearing the Path for Automated Operations: Finding the Value in AIOps


About this webinar

Automation isn’t just a technology problem. It’s a people, process and tool problem. How do you get cross-functional alignment to enable automations?  
In this session you will learn how 3 very different organizations—an MSP, a Utilities provider, and a Fortune 500 CPG enterprise—engaged ScienceLogic as a consultative partner to define and deliver clear operational & business outcomes. Understand how they leveraged ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform to increase cross-functional collaboration and shift to a culture of innovation to achieve > 60% reductions in Incidents, >25% in MTTR and a 50% reduction in out of hours incidents. 
In this webinar you will: 
  • Learn how a global CPG customer mapped and modeled their core Order to Cash business service. Understand how this helped them reduce their MTTR & minimize outages to keep the delivery of fizzy beverages moving and revenue flowing. 
  • See why, through clear objective setting, Salt River Project consolidated their tooling by a factor of 4:1 and eliminated data inconsistencies.  
  • Learn how NetDesign unlocked latent value from ServiceNow to demonstrate quantifiable savings in operations. 
  • Understand the step by step process to goal visualization and journey mapping.