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Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to AIOps

When your digital platform is the lifeline of the core business serving a run-rate of $2M/min, the role of IT Ops matters! In this part 2 of Cisco’s Digital Transformation Journey webinar series, Cisco shares continued progress made towards achieving AIOps and lessons learned with practical insights on services enabled, services planned, and the underpinning architectural evolution towards a next generation service assurance architecture. Also view “Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to Multi-Cloud Operations (Part 1).”
In this session, you will:
  • Hear Cisco IT’s multi-year journey & key insights
  • Discover key use cases for accelerating automations and enabling cloud monitoring
  • Understand how Cisco is moving towards a unified solution for next-gen service assurance
  • Learn what we have planned for AIOPS in the data management space