Telstra Improves Customer Support Productivity Through Automation with ScienceLogic

Customer Story

Robert Gruener and his team at Telstra created a ScienceLogic innovation driven by a need to better manage their on-call process. Without the ability to staff 24/7 support, they wanted a more efficient way to make use of resources. They took standard notification processes (like pager duty, emails, or texting) and inserted a logic component through ScienceLogic to define when to engage with a customer on a phone call and how they can pass information to a level 1 function to perform some work after-hours as well.

The impacts of this new notification process are twofold. First, Telstra can hand off scripted work to their level 1 teams. The team can get on a call with a customer right away without the hassle of triage steps. Second, the team has a dramatic decrease in the amount of calls they receive. The calls they do get are now much more relevant.

Telstra’s need for a combination of API and database, and the flexibility to assign custom attributes to sites and work with automation engines made ScienceLogic the right choice.