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Amazon Web Services Mapping & Monitoring

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is designed to save your business money by transitioning your storage, application, and computing needs off-premises.

But, tracking your exact costs, identifying risks, and controlling cloud sprawl is difficult. And existing monitoring tools? They simply don’t reveal the price, performance, or cross-technology dependencies that your IT teams need to see to make time sensitive decisions.

That’s why ScienceLogic offers an innovative monitoring platform that finally gives you true, complete visibility for AWS. In fact, with ScienceLogic, your teams gain access to more metrics and alerts than with any other solution for your AWS-hosted servers, applications, databases, and operating systems. Your team will also get insight into all critical, underlying interdependencies among your on-premises and Amazon-based, off-premises resources.

So, now you can intelligently see, monitor, and move those resources—both in and around the cloud—while avoiding the potential pitfalls of IT cloud spend.

Request a demo today, and see how your team can make the most of the Amazon Web Services cloud, with ScienceLogic.