A Digital Transformation Journey to Multi-Cloud: “The City That Never Sleeps”


About this webinar

As cloud adoption has heated up, we’ve seen more and more organizations transforming towards multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Today we’re going to discuss how “The City that Never Sleeps” — has successfully transformed and automated its IT operations, because there is no rest for city services that sustain its ~20M residents.

In this session, you will:

Hear why the city chose to transform to a hybrid, multi-cloud environment

Understand the challenges they faced to transform, and the inadequacies of their existing tools

Learn how and why they chose ScienceLogic to be the core of their next gen monitoring framework

Get a clear picture of the city’s monitoring framework and the key business outcomes it’s already driving

32 mins

Presented by

Sridhar Bathula, Softility