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Gain real-time visibility into your multi-vendor environment.

Any technology. Any vendor.

New technology hits the market fast, so you must be prepared to discover, map, and monitor it. That’s why we offer hundreds of PowerPacks to get you started today. They’re pre-built integrations for numerous technologies and applications—both old and new—that include best practice monitoring policies, pre-configured dashboards, and more. While we’re always adding more, if you have a special need, it’s easy to build your own or have us build it for you.

Watch this webinar to learn how the new ScienceLogic Universal REST PowerPack gives you the flexibility to connect SL1 to almost any technology that supports RESTful APIs. Expand your data lake with data from across your ecosystem, and power cross-domain analytics and automations.

PowerPacks provide out-of-the-box business agility.

Each PowerPack can define what data to collect, how to synthesize and evaluate any combination of data to generate smart events, what actions to trigger when events occur, and how to present the data and events within role-specific dashboards and reports.

Monitoring PowerPacks provide real-time visibility and context into multi-vendor network, storage, compute, cloud, APM tools, and unified communication systems and environments. Automation and Synchronization PowerPacks enable process automation, data sharing, and bi-directional synchronization with your IT ecosystem tools including ITSM, notification tools, and more.

Extend your SL1 Platform with pre-built PowerPacks.

PowerPacks are available for a wide variety of technologies and tools.


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Build your own PowerPack—no code required.

With hundreds of PowerPacks spanning over 100 vendors and thousands of device types, ScienceLogic provides pre-built PowerPacks for the most commonly deployed IT systems and technologies. In addition, you can quickly and easily build your own PowerPacks to manage your custom equipment and applications and also save others time by contributing back to our development community.

ScienceLogic customers can download PowerPacks from our Customer Portal.

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“With the move to a hybrid environment of private & public cloud application installs, ScienceLogic has become key for us.”

Ross Thompson
Sun Life Financial


“ScienceLogic has allowed us to eliminate multiple other monitoring tools and consolidate in one.”

Nicolai Kildal


“It’s helping us get business KPI’s tracked and monitored while linking to underlying infrastructure and apps, which helps us manage and spend effectively, as well as invest in areas of growth.”

iyyappan lalithasankaran


“Overall, these automations and integrations provide reduced cost and increased agility for serving the customer and internal systems.”

Matthew Carter


“Integration with our ITSM tool has allowed us to automate CMDB population, as well as provide a real-time enrichment of that CMDB data, allowing us to remove many of the processes we have historically performed manually.”

Rich Dobry

“SL1 stands apart from the others, IMO, in their workflow automation capabilities.”

Rob Duram

“ScienceLogic provides outstanding service. They truly care about partnerships with their customers.”

Andy Winters

“ScienceLogic SL1 is the best choice for better monitoring on a budget.”

Pavan Kumar

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