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MSP JumpStart

Resources to Help You Accelerate Revenues

Welcome to MSP JumpStart, ScienceLogic’s resource center for MSPs, where you can access complimentary tips and tools to help you define, deploy, market and sell the right managed services for your business. As your technology partner, ScienceLogic helps MSP operations and commercial teams introduce new offerings that increase revenue and maximize operational efficiency. Build a catalog of differentiated and scalable managed services that will attract—and retain—customers.

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Management Templates

Your customers need high-impact managed services that reduce cost and improve service quality for them. We help you identify new revenue opportunities and explain them to existing customers as well as attract new prospects:

White Paper: Unlocking the Managed Services Opportunity
How to tap the managed services market with the ScienceLogic solution, a complete, affordable way to manage entire IT environments.

Datasheet Template: IT Service Management
Show off your service level management capabilities in ways that demonstrate how customers can benefit from your offerings. This document is ready for rebranding and use to promote your own offerings.

Sales Tools

Many MSPs fail to provide clear and descriptive sales tools that showcase Managed Services for their customers. Our resources include tips and tools on how to communicate the advantages, features, and benefits of a range of managed services that you can include in your catalog:

Datasheet Template: Service Desk

Features, benefits, and capabilities of your service desk—the ideal solution for customer support, help desk, and internal ticketing needs.

Datasheet Template: Managed Video Conferencing

Features and Benefits of a managed video conferencing service that make this technology a must-have for today’s businesses.

Datasheet Template: Video Conferencing and TelePresence Management

Expand the video conferencing discussion with details about TelePresence, describing the wide range of teleconferencing vendors you support through ScienceLogic for video endpoints, including Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, and more.

Business Strategies

To help you stay current with the ever-changing IT landscape, ScienceLogic MSP JumpStart offers you detailed roadmaps, including cloud computing and IaaS:

White Paper: Meeting the New Standard for AWS Managed Services

The AWS MSP Partner Network (MPN) Program sets a high standard for MSPs to attain in terms of their operational capabilities and their in-house AWS technology and process expertise. This paper describes the latest program requirements related to monitoring, and summarizes how the ScienceLogic solution helps MSPs meet those requirements.

White Paper: IT Infrastructure Performance Monitoring & Management

Pointers on starting up a new line of business. Discover the ins and outs of the cloud services market, and how to price services for success.

Datasheet Template: Infrastructure and Virtualization Monitoring Services

Cloud computing is the biggest transformational technology since the launch of the Internet. Offering both dedicated servers and cloud services differentiates service providers who want to meet the full spectrum of customer needs. Learn how you can be part of the IaaS revolution.

White Paper: Defining Advanced Monitoring Services for Hosted IaaS

Looking for more ways to drive revenue with IaaS? This blueprint for developing IaaS offerings helps you capture even more revenue using the ScienceLogic solution. If you are looking for other “blueprints” give us a shout. We are always looking for good ideas to drive value for our clients.

White Paper: Build Your Managed Services Business with ScienceLogic

With the ScienceLogic solution, adding cloud monitoring as an integrated part of your managed services catalog is simple. But what are the ins and outs of the cloud services market, and how should your services be priced?

Resources for Customers

Your time is critical, and you have many priorities requiring attention. The resources below are intended to help customer MSP JumpStart members (ScienceLogic Customer Portal access is required) accelerate time to revenue for new managed services. These valuable assets are geared to helping you define and launch services faster:

  • Templates to use as a basis for managed service definitions
  • Marketing collateral samples—tailor these and add your logo
  • Operational guides—best practices for monitoring and management

Service Definition Templates

Building a Hybrid IT Monitoring Service
Monitoring for hybrid IT environments is especially complex to deliver, yet very powerful as a revenue generator and enabler of managed services upsell when sold correctly. This document shows you how to build a monitoring service for hybrid IT around the ScienceLogic solution.

Building a Managed Public Cloud Service
MSPs are increasingly embracing the public cloud and adding managed AWS or managed Azure services. This document describes a service definition, deliverables and value proposition for tiered managed AWS and managed Azure service offerings.

Building a Managed Storage Service
Managed storage services have traditionally been little more than break-fix extensions to vendor maintenance services. This service definition describes a hard-hitting, differentiated managed storage offering that is easy to implement with ScienceLogic—and enables
MSPs to capture a share of this large opportunity.

Building a Cloud Migration Assessment Service
The public cloud migration opportunity is fast developing into a major market for MSPs and consulting organizations. This document is intended to assist MSPs and consulting organizations who are developing a practice for the migration of compute instances to public cloud services, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Presentation Templates

Managed Services Sales Pitch
Designed to help you sell managed services, this presentation is customizable and sales-ready. Just rebrand and edit for your use case.

Video Conferencing Service Provider Sales Pitch
Designed to help you sell managed video conferencing services. Choose slides to build your own customer presentation. Customizable and sales-ready, just rebrand and go!


Creating Dashboards and Reports for Customers

The ScienceLogic solution allows you to share dashboards and schedule reports with other users. This manual describes how to create a user account solely for dashboard creation, how to create, configure, and explain a dashboard, and how to grant customers access.

Dashboard Examples

Users can customize ScienceLogic to display all sorts of data in many useful ways. The dashboards in this pack show several examples.

Technical Documentation

User Interface Customization

Customize themes to reflect your own brand or that of your customers. The ScienceLogic solution can maintain thousands of unique themes that can be imported, exported and applied by any user or user policy. When a theme is applied, the user interface immediately uses the newly defined colors, fonts, and graphics.

Security Overview

ScienceLogic appliances are lean, hardened, and configured for maximum security. Get a short overview of appliance security features.

Security Features

ScienceLogic appliances are lean, hardened, and configured for maximum security. See how ScienceLogic integrates with existing network and system security (policies, software, and hardware).

Network Devices Covered by ScienceLogic

This document provides a general overview of the broad array of networking devices found in our customer data centers, and how we extend support through the use of PowerApps.

Incident Management

Leverage ScienceLogic to create an efficient workflow for incident management, optimized for service provider needs. Use this manual to manage incoming customer requests, create workflows, and comply with service level agreements.

Creating a Tiered Service Offering

This manual describes how service providers can configure the ScienceLogic solution to offer their customers a managed service for the devices they host or that reside on a customer site. Learn how to create product SKUs, device templates, and user policies, and provision new customers easily and quickly.

Cisco Device Collections

A full breakdown of Cisco devices and what we can collect on them.

Best Practices for Escalation

Monitor the health of your network devices and applications by viewing events in ScienceLogic’s event console. Automation policies and actions allow you to specify actions the system should execute when specific events occur. Use instructions from this manual to set up your own escalation policies.

Creating Bandwidth Billing Reports

Configure the ScienceLogic solution to create bandwidth billing reports for a customer. Define product SKUs for each bandwidth billing structure used by your organization. Configure network interfaces for bandwidth billing policies, define policies, and manually or automatically generate the Interface Billing report that includes the policies that you created.

Automated Provisioning Example

Set up a simple provisioning system written in PHP. The system uses the ScienceLogic API to allow external systems to programmatically access data.The API gives access to tickets, devices, and collected data, using standard HTTP request/response protocols. Much like the GUI provides access to a system for end users, the API provides access to ScienceLogic for external systems.

Automated Provisioning Example: Code files

Code file for the Automated Provisioning Example.