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YJT Selects ScienceLogic’s Hybrid IT Monitoring Solution to Guarantee Its Customers the Highest Service Quality

YJT Solutions, the leading provider of managed IT services for small and mid-sized businesses in Chicago, has selected ScienceLogic’s Hybrid IT Monitoring platform to ensure its customers receive the highest proactive service quality.

YJT Solutions specializes in providing 24x7x365 outsourced IT operations, including Service Desk (Help Desk), infrastructure monitoring, proactive infrastructure management, and cloud migrations. Their turnkey managed IT services allow customers to completely offload IT operations, while still maintaining visibility and control. YJT leverages ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring solution to ensure high availability and performance round-the-clock while supporting advanced visualization and monitoring of managed service offerings.

Specifically, ScienceLogic was chosen for:

  • Multi-Tenancy: Highly automated, multi-tenant capabilities built from the ground up provide multiple levels of data segmentation, by user, organization, geography, technology, and many other business impact profiles. This capability allows YJT to quickly onboard and manage the infrastructure for multiple customer organizations.
  • PowerPacks: ScienceLogic’s PowerPack monitoring apps enable comprehensive monitoring of just about everything in hybrid IT environments. YJT leverages pre-built PowerPacks to monitor new technologies, and can also quickly construct its own PowerPack to meet a specific need.
  • Custom Templates: Hundreds of out-of-the-box ScienceLogic templates allow YJT to create and apply unique monitoring and dashboarding functions uniformly across their entire customer base. YJT has successfully reduced overall monitoring administration by nearly 50% with the help of ScienceLogic’s templates. This reduction drives better results for customers.
  • Hybrid IT Support: ScienceLogic’s platform automatically discovers an entire IT infrastructure and its cross-technology dependencies, both on- and off-premises.

“With ScienceLogic in place, we’ve achieved a new level of excellence in terms of the optimization of our customers’ complex infrastructures,” said Craig Schotke, Solutions Architect at YJT Solutions. “Knowing that all of the devices we are monitoring are being monitored correctly from day one, and updated real-time as needed was something we had to work hard to achieve with our previous solution. ScienceLogic allows us to quickly, easily and thoroughly onboard all devices for new customers, as well as ensure that we don’t miss any updates to devices once we’ve gone live. We are able to focus more on continuous improvement and customized processes for our customers.”

“We were especially honored to have YJT Solutions choose us as their monitoring partner,” said Dave Link, ScienceLogic CEO. “They have a reputation for doing deep dives and careful analysis by a thoroughbred team of engineers and architects before they allow anyone to become a partner. Their choice of ScienceLogic affirms that it’s a best-of-breed tool designed by top engineers—for top engineers.”

About YJT Solutions

YJT’s mission is to help build more competitive entrepreneurial and mid-sized Chicagoland organizations by offering exceptional IT operational support and guidance at a compelling value. YJT’s reputation for excellence is unmatched. They offer just three core services: Help Desk (Service Desk), Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, and Infrastructure Projects, including cloud and data center migrations.
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