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ScienceLogic Solves the Multi-Site, Multi-Vendor Hybrid IT Monitoring Problem

New dynamic technology relationship mapping solves critical problem faced by large enterprises

ScienceLogic today released a new version of its IT monitoring software. The software is designed to solve the age-old challenge of automatically discovering and visually mapping the connections and interdependencies of technologies across different IT silos and clouds. The solution enables organizations to use this information to dramatically reduce IT complexity and solve problems faster than ever before. With the world generating more data this year than the past 5,000 years combined, technology moving at the speed of light, and IT complexity growing at an exponential rate, reducing IT complexity has become a fundamental need for an organization’s survival.

Previously, IT teams wasted costly hours trying to troubleshoot problems without being able to understand the complex relationships between compute, network, storage, and application resources. Today, a data center outage can cost $7,900 per minute and over $900,000 per outage, with an average recovery time of 119 minutes.* The inability to correlate across diverse technologies, understand the relationships and solve problems quickly, is a growing IT hazard. Hybrid environments that merge off-prem and on-prem cloud resources have dramatically worsened the problem.

With this software release, ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT dependency mapping technology now offers the only monitoring solution on the market that can visually map relationships, measure, and monitor cross-technology stacks without human intervention. For some time, many solutions have been able to detect how elements relate within a specific technology silo (i.e., how VMs relate to each other and to vCenter, or how NetApp LUNs relate to one another, etc.). Yet, without error-prone human interaction, there has been no easy way to identify which devices and applications depend upon each other across technology types or across on- and off-prem clouds, and no easy way to understand how they interrelate with one another. You can now visually see the relationship and dependencies of VMs to storage, to network, to applications, and more, across multiple hybrid clouds. This visual understanding helps IT professionals see anomalies before they cause an impact.

Key Hybrid IT Management capabilities delivered in this release include:

  • Dynamic Visuals: Visually shows IT resources across multiple clouds, regardless if they are on-prem, off-prem, or both. Automatically adjusts visual maps to changed relationships so reported interdependencies are always accurate and complete
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitors and proactively detects anomalies across technologies and clouds in real-time
  • Intelligent Relationships & Bursting: Shows the relationships between complex technologies—for example, an on-prem server that uses storage in the public cloud—and allows for intelligent bursting of compute, storage, and networking resources on- and off-prem based on business need
  • Fast Problem Resolution: Multi-level views and dashboards provide the ability to diagnose and resolve problems fast with drill down from a single alert to a visual interdependency map, to technology, to resource, to performance and health of that resource, all the way to the specific metric highlighting the underlying problem, within seconds

“ScienceLogic continues to be on the forefront of next generation monitoring and innovation,” said Dave Link, CEO ScienceLogic. “I am pleased that in this release we have solved the very important and difficult problem of how to effectively monitor IT performance across technology stacks and environments (on and/or off-prem clouds) without error-prone human intervention.” Added Link,” An IT professional can now visually see the relationship and dependencies of VMs to storage, to network, to applications, and more, across multiple hybrid clouds. And, for the first time, enterprises can see and address anomalies before they cause an impact or data center outtage.”

ScienceLogic’s software delivers the core monitoring functions needed to run today’s complex, hybrid IT infrastructures—including the monitoring of systems, network, and applications, with capabilities that include multi-tenancy, run book automation, ticketing, event management, and service desk—all in one, with a single unified code base, user interface, and central data repository.

* Source: http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/Solutions/ByApplication/DataCenterNetworking/Data-Center-Insights/Pages/Causes_of_Downtime_Study.aspx