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ScienceLogic Debuts MapMyCloud

Service Allows Enterprises to Visualize Workloads on Amazon Web Services Cloud in Real-Time

IT and cloud monitoring software provider, ScienceLogic, today announced the immediate availability of MapMyCloud.net, a free platform that runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that allows enterprises to automatically map and visualize all of their AWS cloud resources and associated technology interdependencies.

Large enterprise organizations can accumulate many IT assets in the AWS Cloud so it’s virtually impossible to keep up with their spread and interdependencies across cloud environments. MapMyCloud is a simple and elegant way to visualize the full extent of the AWS resources and its impact on the entire IT infrastructure.

Features of MapMyCloud include:

  • Intelligent Mapping – Cloud sprawl has been a side effect of cloud consumption. Storage and computing resources are typically spun out in the cloud in mass, only to be forgotten and continuously cost the organization money. For the first time, organizations will be able to “see” an entire cloud environment, allowing for the ability to disable rogue and unused resources.
  • Reporting History – The inability to comprehend historical changes and the level of organizational dependence on the cloud can cause enterprise organizations to underestimate their planning and investment in the cloud. Because MapMyCloud.net allows clouds to be mapped as many times as the user requires, historical maps can be compared over a detailed timeline.
  • Relationship Management – Interdependency views help avoid service and business disruption: Because MapMyCloud.net automatically maps out and provides the interdependencies and relationship of IT resources, enterprises can now easily see any of their AWS products and services that are actively being used and how they are dependent on each other.

It’s been widely reported that a majority of enterprise businesses have adopted a cloud, like AWS. However, there are continued reports concerning the sprawling cloud footprints, as well as the financial impact of unknown resources unnecessarily sapping money and computing assets. MapMyCloud.net provides immediate visual understanding of cloud infrastructure, and supports a better plan for the future while avoiding pitfalls and unnecessary spending.

ScienceLogic is demonstrating MapMyCloud and the rest of the full product suite at AWS re:Invent 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11-14, 2014.This groundbreaking platform is available immediately and can be used at https://www.mapmycloud.net.