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2015 Bookings Grow from Global Hybrid Cloud Migration – ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic Corporate Performance Demonstrates its IT Monitoring Market Leadership

ScienceLogic today announced corporate performance results for 2015. Sales bookings increased 180% YoY, subscription ACV increased 179% YoY, upsells and cross sells increased 70% YoY, and effective Q3 ’15, the company delivered cash flow positive results. International market sales growth continued with a YoY 90% increase. The company’s number of employees increased by 100% in 2015, with plans to double in size again in 2016.

The single most important global growth driver remains the urgent need to efficiently and effectively monitor enterprise hybrid IT infrastructures comprised of traditional on-premises, public and private cloud assets. ScienceLogic’s recently released Trends in Global Cloud Adoption survey* sheds light on this movement. While 83% of enterprise respondents expect public cloud spend to increase in the next 12 months, 82% are unable to ensure optimum performance, health and availability of public cloud workloads due to lack of advanced visibility into their public cloud infrastructures.

“Organizations lack advanced visibility, monitoring, and infrastructure control in their public cloud environments and they certainly don’t want to add more complexity and tools to independently monitor public and private cloud assets,” said Dave Link, ScienceLogic CEO. “Our outstanding results are underpinned by the fact that we’ve created an elegant, integrated solution that combines on-prem legacy and public cloud services visibility in a seamless and automated manner, reducing the proliferation of disparate operations tools.”

Additional 2015 ScienceLogic achievements:

  • ScienceLogic closed a $43 million investment round, led by Goldman Sachs.
  • Approximately 6,800 additional new organizations invested in ScienceLogic’s technology, including major brands such as Kellogg, Cisco, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hughes, Warner Music, Telstra, Sun Life, Ally Bank, and many more.
  • The company was awarded a significant patent for an intelligent auto-discovery engine.
  • The company released a number of new technology innovations, including industry leading support for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Cisco ACI, F5, NetApp, Microsoft Office 365 and more.
  • The company extended leadership in Cloud Service Assurance for multi-cloud monitoring across private cloud, AWS, Azure, and vCloud Air.

*For more information about ScienceLogic’s Trends in Global Cloud Adoption survey, please view the infographic. The survey was commissioned and produced by ScienceLogic, conducted online between Sept. 22 and Oct. 2, 2015. The survey polled over 1,600 IT professionals across the globe.