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SDN Monitoring

What is SDN and why monitor it?

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a more agile approach to network administration and management. SDN centralizes the management of networking by removing the lower level networking functions across vendor landscapes and technologies thus creating agile networks that can grow and shrink based on user demand or business requirements.

In this new networking landscape, the failure of a single application component can have ripple effects across the network. You need advanced network monitoring and analytics capabilities that can provide visibility into the complex webs of dependencies that exist in new SDN architectures.

A comprehensive and unified network management approach is essential because network operations teams tend to be less effective when they use a larger set of siloed network monitoring and troubleshooting tools. Without 100 percent network visibility, performance is impacted, network operations teams only have time to be reactive not proactive, and end-user satisfaction suffers.

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