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Three-Part VMworld 2017 Debrief: Part 2

How VMware is extending its ecosystem with Pivotal, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes
Pivotal, VMware, and Google are driving containerization adoption—proving connected platforms are the future of enterprise IT. Improve visibility into your hybrid IT environment to meet new demands.

This is part two of a three-part VMworld 2017 debrief. See part 1 and part 3.

The Growing Adoption of Containers

One of the key announcements during the second day of VMworld involved a team up with Pivotal, VMware, and Google. The focus was on driving containerization adoption into the VMware customer base with a new offering called the Pivotal Container Service (PKS). PKS targets managed service providers and large enterprises that deliver Kubernetes on both the VMware hypervisor and Google’s Cloud Platform.

Kubernetes is Google’s container management solution that is growing in adoption through new strategic relationships (like VMware) and market acceptance as the preferred DevOps container orchestration platform. Combining Kubernetes with Pivotal’s PaaS solution (Cloud Foundry) and VMware’s dominant management layer (vSphere), customers gain efficiency benefits of container management both on-premises and in the cloud (GCP). Google Cloud is also leveraging the Pivotal partnership with new Kubernetes container services.

What’s in It for You?

VMware customers benefit from this joint ecosystem solution by supporting hybrid workload models, making container life easier for developers and operators, and leveraging VMware’s VSAN for persistent container storage. VMware also brings other valuable components into the mix with their NSX network isolation product, their policy management and reporting, and finally the common look and feel for VMware operators.

The New Normal in Hybrid IT

Although this new solution is not officially out until Q4 2017, the VMworld partnership announcement is yet another validation point that connected platforms are the future of Enterprise IT. The end game is to make container adoption easier in the enterprise, but as we know, making the complex simple is awfully difficult.

This is where ScienceLogic can help. We provide improved visibility between the container and the underlying infrastructure while reducing the sheer number of products it takes to operate a large-scale hybrid IT environment.

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