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Recap of CLUS 2018 – Intent based networking – informed by context; driven towards automation

3 Takeaways from CiscoLive and why you should care

Raj Patnam Vice President, Global Solutions

Wow, what an exciting and inspirational week at CiscoLive US!  The show floor was buzzing with incredible new technologies, and the sessions and keynotes were educational and highly engaging.  If you’re like me, you’re probably still putting everything together, reviewing your notes and session slides and figuring out where you need to be investing in the future for your business.  While going through that exercise, I found three common themes across CiscoLive! that reinforce our better together narrative we set forth heading into the show.

  • 1. Operational Simplicity

The theme of this year’s CiscoLive was Imagine Intuitive, and the need for intuitive networks and IT is based on a desire to simplify.  As your enterprise goes through the journey of digital transformation, and as your customers have come to rely and depend upon your digital assets, the complexity under the covers has only grown.  Cisco announced a partnership at the show with Google Cloud, and as part of a holistic effort of looking at multi-cloud environments.  The means by which to manage is all done through Kubernetes.  Instead of having to undergo costly, and complex migrations, technologists can now build their application on a container and allow Kubernetes to handle the tough migration and installation of applications and services.  Now you’re able to decide the best location of your application without worry of being locked in.  Whether you’re migrating to Google Cloud or any other major hyperscaler, ScienceLogic SL1 helps aid this process by giving you an automatic and out of the box solution to visualize what you currently have across all your environments.

SL1 even provides visibility into kubernetes management and support so you can again have a simplified view across your entire technology stack..

  • 2. Informed by Context

IT leaders often face challenges justifying and prioritizing budgets for projects as it is often challenging to understand the CONTEXT in which IT is affecting a business outcome.  Now, products like Cisco’s AppDynamics IQ can automatically tie together various triggers directly to how an application is affecting business.  For example: in a retail environment, when the e-commerce service runs into issues, you can determine how much money is lost – in REAL TIME – especially during busy periods like holiday shopping.

To further this insight, ScienceLogic SL1 aides in this process by tying together the underlying network, storage, compute, cloud and data center technologies with the application, bringing CONTEXT back to the application.  SL1 does this by NATIVELY integrating with AppDynamics, and SEEING your entire IT landscape, before building a common data model that capable of being shared with products like AppDynamics or Service Now.  How does this actually work?  Automation.

  • 3. Automation

My last theme is probably the most prevalent theme in business today.  IT is what makes automation happen. Sadly, IT has primarily been focused on helping the rest of the business automate while relying upon tons of manual work in IT.  But that’s changing. Regardless of the keynote, or session, automation was discussed heavily throughout the show.

Let’s focus on two key examples:

  • Automation with DNA Center: One of Cisco’s newest products and a clear focus point for the show was DNA Center and the capabilities this tool set provides.  DNA Center can help the journey to INTENT based networking by automating key common tasks like provisioning, QoS policy deployment and more.  But it goes further, because of the impressive integration features, the automations can be triggered to run based on events in the environment.

Essentially the automation is driving SIMPLICITY.

  • Reference Architecture: Cisco IT announced their new reference architecture and needed to move towards a more automated solution that can serve as a benchmark for all their customers. Here too, ScienceLogic SL1 helps CiscoIT to bring CONTEXT to their key stakeholders, by tying together data coming from AppDynamics, Tetration, Oracle Enterprise Manager, into a common data model so they can automatically share the model with other tools like ServiceNow.

In short, this was an exciting week with a ton of new announcements like the integration with Google Cloud, DNA Center, DevNet at scale and a ton of developer friendly API’s.  Our brave new IT world looks to be more interconnected than ever and led by software all in the efforts to make things simpler for both the business and the IT staff.

Better Together – Cisco supported by critical partners can certainly imagine an intuitive world in our near future!