Project Tag: Amazon

Amazon Web Services: SL1 Dashboards

This PowerPack contains dashboards for Amazon Web Services, based on Amazon Web Services PowerPack version 114 and AP2 version 5.125.44 View on the ScienceLogic Customer Portal >> Read more

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services Monitor the health and performance of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and all of your cloud and on-premises services and infrastructure from a single platform. Get a unified operational view of your entire IT universe—across multiple... Read more


Amazon Web Services This PowerPack includes an EM7 RBA Action to send notification messages using AWS SNS. This is particularly useful for sending SMS messages without having a dedicated SMS gateway, but can be also used for other notification methods, such as... Read more

AWS EC2 Windows Group Automation

Amazon Web Services AWS Windows EC2 instance automation example. Shows how EM7 can be configured to automatically: Create an EC2 instance device when an instance is spun up in AWS Discover the instance using PowerShell, based on an AWS tag used to identify the... Read more

AWS Cloud Migration Report

Amazon Web Services NOTE:  The PowerPack includes a dynamic app (AWS Instance Reference) that needs to be aligned with any device in the system (that isn’t inactive) and you can use any Basic/Snippet credential as it doesn’t really need one. After you have... Read more