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Meet Leo Nieuwesteeg, Director Product Management

Meet ScienceLogic's Leo Nieuwesteeg, Director Product Management and Logician Corner Lab Leader.

Hi, I’m Leo Nieuwesteeg!

Q: What do you do at ScienceLogic?
A: I’m a Director of Product Management on the solutions side of the business and the PowerPack product owners are on my team.

Q: What does IT in Motion mean for you?
A: So, when I think of IT in Motion, I really think of the vast changing environment in the IT world. It’s not only moving quickly but the rate of change is accelerating. A good example of that is what’s happening in the world of Kubernetes where you have microservices based architecture leveraging Kubernetes orchestration tool, for example. That’s causing a huge amount of change in the information technology business.

Q: What can attendees talk to you about at Symposium?
A: Come by the Logician’s Corner, and you can talk to me about several different areas of expertise. Of course, one of my favorites is Kubernetes. Additionally, the REST API is an area of interest as we provide a PowerPack that lets you build additional PowerPacks that have a REST API without having to write snippet code. I am also responsible and well versed in pretty much anything related to Cisco.

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