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From Vision to Recognition – Building The AI Revolution for IT Ops

"I’m euphoric to see that EMA Research has named ScienceLogic as one of its Top 3 AIOps Vendors on the market."

It is hard to believe it was less than half a year ago we were still putting the final touches on SL1 – the engineering teams hard at work making sure the platform was ready, the marketing team getting logos, branding and messaging polished.

Dave Link
Founder & CEO

Our goal when we launched SL1 was to refashion what AI and ML meant to the IT operations, DevOps and IT management community. We’d been watching for years as ephemeral, complex IT infrastructure became the enterprise IT norm and consequently threaten enterprises by that complexity. We realized the market had an emerging need for a solution that could manage that complexity and help IT organizations build and maintain the resilient, robust digital experiences that were growing in demand. By now you are all familiar with the story – we started with the basic premise that enterprises needed greater visibility into their IT ecosystems, the context to understand that visibility, and then the tools to act on what they found. That premise culminated in SL1’s launch a few months ago and today, I’m euphoric to see that EMA Research has named ScienceLogic’s SL1 as one of its Top 3 AIOps Vendors on the market.

It is a testament to how, in a short time, ScienceLogic has reshaped how the industry is thinking about AIOps. We’re at the center of a growing movement – one that is now a top priority for the market and our customers. ScienceLogic has become a market leader, not only in the value we provide to our users from a product standpoint but in our philosophy about how to approach the problems of today’s IT infrastructure. 

Data-driven intelligence has been a goal of enterprises since they started collecting “big data” several years ago. However, mining that data to translate it into usable information remained out of reach. Indeed, even today, EMA says more than 50 percent of enterprises currently struggle to leverage existing IT tools and staff to manage modern containerized and microservices in their environments. Alert floods remain the no. 1 key pain point for DevOps teams and the complexity of enterprise IT topology continues to grow with more than a third of enterprises using at least four public cloud providers.

SL1 is redefining how our customers solve these challenges and many more. We’re leading the way in how our customers can quantify the value of AI and how AI-enhanced IT operations can help them solve standard tasks faster, cheaper and more reliably. We are already delivering meaningful change to our customers and truly establishing an industry best practice around how to ingest, categorize and then use data. We’ve come a long way in the last six months, further than I had hoped on even my most optimistic days and I couldn’t be prouder of the team. I can’t wait to see where we go next and how we continue to elevate the data-driven value we provide to our customers.

To access the full report from EMA Research, please visit ScienceLogic Receives EMA Top 3 Award.