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Boost Your ServiceNow Investment with Real-Time CMDB Accuracy

What's the powerful combination that gives you the confidence that your data is accurate and up-to-date?

Your investment in automation starts with data accuracy. Gartner claims, “Inaccurate configuration item data in an IT service view configuration management database (CMDB) can delay incident resolution and degrade change quality.”

That’s bhttps://sciencelogic.com/glossary/configuration-management-databaseecause bad data produces bad results. Or, as we mentioned in a previous blog,  Garbage in, garbage out. Most organizations hesitate to automate if they don’t trust the data. And if the data is missing, there’s nothing to automate.

However, when you power your CMDB with up-to-date and complete data, you can get the full benefit of an IT management system like ServiceNow (a trusted partner of ours). And you can do that with an AIOps platform (ScienceLogic SL1 for example) that combines complete, continuous CI discovery with real-time infrastructure, application, and service context to produce an actionable data lake. This powerful combination gives you the confidence that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

When you have confidence in your data, you can put your faith in the processes and outcomes-driven by that data. And you can accelerate your IT operations transformation by becoming a highly efficient and productive IT operation.

In this Lightboard video, Erik Rudin, VP of Business Development and Alliances for ScienceLogic, offers a brief primer explaining how ScienceLogic SL1 works. The concept is deceptively simple, even if the execution demands meticulous attention to ensure you achieve and maintain real-time CMDB data accuracy. After all, your CMDB is at the center of your IT operation and the hub from which you build great digital experiences for your internal and external customers.

Want to learn more? See how ScienceLogic can help you efficiently automate your incident resolution process.

Erik illustrates the concept in concentric circles representing three core management use cases:

(Image is taken from “Boost Your ServiceNow Investment with Real-Time CMDB Accuracy” Lightboard video)

  • CI Creation – As you create configuration items (including bringing new CIs online and discovering legacy and shadow CIs) it is important to ensure all data going into the CMDB is clean and up-to-date. This step is foundational to your goal.


  • CI Maintenance – Once your foundation is established, an AIOps platform that discovers and adds new CIs to your topography is key to minimizing time-consuming manual processes and keeping up with your network’s constant state of change. Anytime a new CI is added, it must come into alignment with the CMDB as quickly as possible. A complete, contextual view of the network enables a smooth incident management process, reduces false positives, and enables accurate automation.


  • CI Retirement – When a CI goes offline, that must be reflected in your topology. You might be upgrading hardware, shutting down a workload, or simply allowing an application subscription to lapse, but when the CI is gone that event affects operational context. If the retired CI lingers in your environment, it will have an adverse effect on data accuracy.


With your CMDB at the center, the effects of your trusted data radiate out to the operation, and when done right, clean data feeds back into the CMDB to perpetuate the cycle. Operations run accurately and efficiently, confidence builds, and the potential for innovation grows.

If you’re struggling with establishing a clean CMDB that you can trust at the center of your IT operation, here are some resources to help guide you.

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