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Why You Need AIOps Now More Than Ever

A Spirited Dialog Featuring Industry Experts from Forrester
and Enterprise Management Associates Webinar

In the aftermath of COVID-19, rapid adoption of a “Digital First” strategy is driving business transformation, and increased investments in AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) solutions. The catalysts for driving this movement to AIOps are business agility and automated operations to deliver better digital experiences for employees, remote operations teams, and customers. However, the interpretation and application of AIOps varies widely across organizations. Like many organizations, are you trying to determine where and how to begin your journey? Which use cases to focus on? And how you measure progress and impact?

To find out, join guests Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst Serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals, and Dennis Nils Drogseth, EMA Vice President as they share their latest research findings and reveal the motivations shaping AIOps initiatives, strategies, and impact. They will discuss:

  • Key problems for the business to solve with AIOps.
  • The capabilities required to solve them.
  • Recommendations for measuring progress and impact.