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TalkingLogic Episode 1: Making IT Easy

How Automated Discovery of IT Infrastructure Benefits Enterprise IT

How Automating the Way You Discover IT Assets Saves You Time, Money, & Effort

At ScienceLogic, we’re driven by one simple principle: To make managing IT as easy and effortless as possible. In our new podcast series, TalkingLogic, we’re going to explore what that means to you and your organization.

We’ll share hints, tips and industry best practices. We’ll dive into the practical steps your IT department can take to reduce your costs and enhance your effectiveness. We’ll get deep insight from thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts—all aimed at giving you the tools and approach you need to radically change how you approach delivering IT services, across local and cloud IT infrastructure.

Meet Dave Link, ScienceLogic’s Co-Founder & CEO

In our first episode, we talk automation with ScienceLogic’s CEO, Dave Link. In a wide-ranging conversation, Dave covers a number of topics. He starts by chatting about the inspiration behind founding ScienceLogic, and how the burning desire to make something better is a powerful driving force. He discusses his background in IT operations, and how the challenges he faced in his early career led to his thinking, “there must be a better way.”

With frustration being the mother of invention, Dave discusses why thinking about IT differently is so crucial. He explores the power of disruption in the industry, and how differentiation is crucial to getting noticed. The conversation then moves into its main topic, the power of automation. ScienceLogic has recently been awarded its third patent, specifically around how our platform auto-discovers IT assets across on-premises, distributed, and cloud-based networks.

IT Automation: Why Auto-Discovery Matters

Dave frames the conversation around the importance of auto-discovery—why it’s so crucial to customers, and how it can significantly reduce IT effort and massively boost effectiveness. He explains the “multi protocol” approach that ScienceLogic takes, and the necessary quality controls auto-discovery needs to create authentic, reliable information.

Of course, discovering information is only part of the story. What do you do with infrastructure data after you’ve gathered it? Dave explains why it’s vital to integrate that information into a configuration management database (CMDB). ScienceLogic’s powerful CMDB automation capabilities allow for strong integration with specialized IT service management (ITSM) tools like ServiceNow. Dave explains how a combination of an accurate CMDB and good ITSM can significantly enhance incident management and build confidence in service assurance.

The podcast finishes with a discussion about data analytics. Dave chats about the need to create special use cases to support clients, and why striving towards perfection in collecting information and analytics is a worthy goal.

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