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Node4 Shares Top 3 Motivations for Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, there’s a huge buzz around this particular word right now. Is it something that we’re actually… is it real for starter, and also, or is it just all hype? And secondly, leading onto that, what are the challenges then, in that case? Those core challenges with this buzzword?

Tom Needs (Node4): I think yes, there is a huge amount of hype around digital transformation at the moment. It is a bit of a buzzword out of the market that catches so many different things that businesses are trying to do at the moment. I mean, just speaking of my customers, I’d say the majority of those customers are on a transformational journey of some description. Whether it’s driving a new application stack across their core business processes, whether it’s trying to look at, kind of the cost profile of the way they’re running a CAPEX model to an OPEX model, for example. Or whether it’s kind of thinking about moving much more to a software as a service, kind of option for their key applications, and taking advantage of the hyperscalers kind of public environments for the agility, and the flexibility that comes with that.

Tom Needs (Node4): So, I think one of the key challenges is that you can’t pigeonhole it, and assume that every customer’s on the same journey. Every customer is on a journey of some description. Their destination and their starting points might be very different, but they’re certainly traveling in a direction that is changing for the future, to give them benefit. And kind of, ultimately to handle disruptive kind of, market changes that they’re all facing.