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MSP Jumpstart

Video Transcript

At ScienceLogic, we have a lot of MSP expertise in our DNA. In Engineering, Marketing, and Sales, we speak the language. That’s why we created our MSP JumpStart program.

MSP JumpStart helps our MSP customers build new revenue streams from hard-hitting, differentiated managed services—helping you grow faster by attracting new customers and keeping them longer.

Besides monitoring your customers’ infrastructure on a 24/7 basis, we can help you monetize our platform by offering premium services that your competitors can’t offer.

With the MSP JumpStart program we have created a series of tools that can help our customers speed up the roll out of new managed services.

  • It all starts with a concise service definition. We describe how you can make money with a new service, who the customers are, and what problem the service will solve for your customer.
  • Then, we describe the deployment model, with SLA considerations and a description of the specific service deliverables.
  • The next stage is marketing, where we can help with white-label datasheets, website content, or even launch plans.
  • And finally, we can help you with sales enablement material and customer-facing presentation decks to help your salespeople tell the story of your service—not our product!

The goal is to get you up and running quickly, driving revenue as fast as possible with new services like Monitoring as a Service, Managed Cloud Services, Managed Storage, Managed Video Conferencing, and others.

Register for MSP JumpStart and see how ScienceLogic can help you jump start your managed services business!