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How to Enable IT to be a Change Agent

Analyst Report
Only 40 percent of service issues or outages are detected before end users recognize and report them.

IT executives and line of business managers are the key stakeholders in a digital transformation initiative, and they care about application and service performance. An IT infrastructure-centric view can’t report on the health of applications and services, which is going to leave a serious gap between IT operations and business stakeholders.

Read this whitepaper and learn how to close the gap between IT and business. Topics include:

  • Top 3 roadblocks to transformation
  • Why IT struggles to support business services
  • Role of data, context, and automation
  • Next generation operations platforms

The seismic shift toward next-generation solutions (e.g. cloud, IoT, containerization, etc.) demands IT operations to recalibrate their monitoring and management tools and adopt an automated, service-centric approach.