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Forrester’s View on Tools Modernization Approach for Modern Ops

The evolution of modern tools is a big part of your research, and the kind of tools that operators need to be successful. Right? So these are the life blood of the business is the digital platforms. To make it resilient you need … And keeping up with some of the new technologies like Microservices and containers in a multi-cloud world often begs this question is, “Do I have the right tools?” Can you talk about what your research has revealed, the kind of insights that you’re sharing with your enterprise customers?

Rich Lane: I think it’s two or three things that leap right out to me, and I have found the research. One was, if you’re going to look for a modern tools set and the price, what should I look for? The first thing you need to look for is time and value. It’s no longer do I feel comfortable buying a tool set that takes a year to implement. People want hours, days, at the most.

Rich Lane: The biggest thing also is scalability. Can you roll with my business, or do you hit a wall somewhere? I want to know that five years from now I’m going to be super successful. I want to grow three or fourfold, you’re still there with me as a partner.

Rich Lane: And I think that the last thing is how well are you developing a roadmap and sticking to it? How forward thinking are you as a vendor, as a tool set? Because sometimes they get caught in catch up mode or they discount some new technologies, and I want to know if I’m always going to be cutting edge, if I’m always going to push my development teams to be forward thinking. I want to know that my Operations Teams are armed to move along with them and not lag behind.