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Steps to Stay Relevant in a Hybrid Cloud World


Managed Service Providers Must Introduce New Services or Face the Threat of Descending Into Price Wars

At a recent HostingCon show, Sciencelogic conducted a survey of attendees on a variety of topics. The results were astonishing—with nearly half of the responders naming price wars as the greatest threat to the hosting industry. Yet, one in three respondents were still competing on price. Clearly, there is a recognized need to find better ways to compete.

During this webinar recording, Antonio Piraino presents fascinating findings from the survey, as well as the latest industry trends. He shares his vision of how hosting providers will truly be able to differentiate themselves with high margin services—requiring a new operations paradigm and management techniques.

In this webinar, Antonio leverages his years spent in the depths of the service provider space as a leading industry analyst, in combination with the daily interactions from our service provider customers and their real-life experiences, to offer advice for service providers on how to monetize service offerings in a “brave new cloud world.”

Watch this webinar recording today to learn how your organization can stay ahead of the competition by evolving to meet the new hybrid cloud services mandate.

Duration: 49 minutes

Speakers: Antonio Piraino