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5 Ways to Maximize Your ServiceNow Investment


Enterprise organizations have long relied on IT monitoring tools and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools like ServiceNow to manage their IT environment and deal with support issues when problems arise. Many organizations are integrating their monitoring solutions with their ITSM system for simple incident automation. But as the world of IT becomes increasingly more complex and we enter what some are calling the AIOps era, it raises the question — is there a better way to combine these disciplines?

Join this webinar to hear how you can combine ScienceLogic with ServiceNow to automate multiple data flows and workflows and deliver superior customer experiences.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn 5 ways you can capitalize on your ServiceNow investment
2. See how the bi-directional exchange of CI, configuration, and service relationship data between ScienceLogic and ServiceNow helps you focus on service-impacting issues and drive faster problem resolution (MTTR)
3. Hear how synching data between ScienceLogic and ServiceNow and automating incident, problem, and change management processes leads to significant productivity gains, enabling teams to focus on proactive problem resolution and avoid service outages altogether