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Migrating to the Cloud? Get Valuable Insights from Our Free Webinar

We’ve teamed up with Forrester to co-present a joint webinar covering several of the burning questions around IT cloud migration.

The rise and proliferation of cloud is one of the biggest technological changes since the dawn of IT. There’s a strong drive for businesses to migrate their IT infrastructure and services into public and private IT clouds. There’s reason for caution though—31% of IT employees say they don’t have the right skills to lead cloud deployments, and nearly 40% don’t have enough knowledge to know exactly what to migrate.

At ScienceLogic, we want to reduce that uncertainty. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Forrester, leading IT consultants and research experts. We’re co-presenting a joint webinar with one of their top analysts, Sophia Vargas, covering several of the burning questions around IT cloud migration.

Note: This webinar took place on March 29, 2017. Register below to watch the recording!

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We’ll help you understand the impact of cloud migrations, decide on the best strategies, and explain some of the challenges you’ll face. We’ll give you information to support your cloud migration business case and explain how effective hybrid and multi-cloud services can be.

Migrating to the Cloud – Your Questions Answered

The webinar will focus on three key areas:

Data Center Strategies & How They are Evolving

How does cloud technology change your approach to providing IT services? How do on-demand services change priorities in IT? Are you asking the right questions to create a solid cloud migration strategy?

“Companies can mix and match legacy, private cloud and public cloud systems to deliver the best solution at the best price, with the appropriate risk profile. This ability to mix and match technologies makes enterprises more agile, innovative and competitive. However, running disparate systems can lead to a number of security and business risks.”

Forsythe Focus

Proven Cloud Adoption Approaches

How do you decide what workloads to move to the cloud? Where can an IT cloud provide functionality that a regular data center cannot? How do you justify moving specific applications, services, and infrastructure to the cloud? What are the best methods for doing so?

“It’s one thing to embrace the cloud on a limited scale; all-out migrations are a much more difficult proposition. Today’s enterprises may have hundreds of applications in their portfolios, each of them linked in complex ways to databases, external services, mainframes, and other applications. Migrating all this successfully is a critical part of adopting the cloud at scale.”

Wall Street Journal/Deloitte

Managing a Hybrid IT Infrastructure

How do you manage IT services and applications across multiple environments? What skills do your people need to manage your new infrastructure? How can technology and processes make you more effective and efficient at providing IT services from the cloud?

“If you can’t see what’s happening, you can’t do anything about it. Therefore, you need that single pane of glass that gives you visibility into the dedicated IT infrastructure and as much of the public platform as the service provider will allow you to see.”


Join this webinar to get valuable insight from Forrester, and join the discussion during the Q&A to get answers to guide you through your own cloud migration. You’ll also hear how ScienceLogic helps you make the most of your cloud deployment, enhancing service delivery and assurance in your hybrid environment.

Watch the Seminar Recording Now

Note: This webinar took place on March 29, 2017. Register below to watch the recording!

Watch the webinar recording

About Sophia Vargas Forrester Analyst Serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals

Sophia Vargas

Sophia is a leading authority on data center transformation, cloud strategy, and hybrid infrastructure architectures, all with the goal of enhancing customer experiences. Her specialties include infrastructure sourcing models, data center economics, cloud adoption, cloud economics, cloud interconnections, sustainable technologies, and customer use cases across these topics.