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Three-Part VMworld 2017 Debrief: Part 3

Why Hybrid and Storage Is So Hot Right Now
Our final VMworld debrief closes out the event with a summary of hybrid IT and storage—two important topics in today’s market. We talk about what’s new, what’s coming, and how it impacts you.

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It’s safe to say that hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the fastest growing segment in the storage market today.

How vSAN Will Help Modernize Your Data Center

VMware payed homage to the growth in HCI by dedicating an entire expo hall partner area to its ‘HCI Zone’. They have consistently focused on ecosystem storage partners as part of their core storage GTM strategy by enabling the likes of Cisco, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, Honeywell, HPE, Intel, Lenovo, and Supermicro. The most prominent announcements were around vSAN, a key storage element to modernize your data center.

VMware vSAN hunger was met with numerous education sessions during the event along with some key announcements. They released the VMware HCI Acceleration Kit as a cost-effective and provisionable system for managing data expansion. Project Hathaway provided stateful and persistent storage integrations with container orchestration systems Swarm and Kubernetes. Lenovo announced their collaboration with Intel around ThinkAgile, an improved Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution for their server platform to integrate with vSAN.

Finally, there was much talk on the show floor about how vSAN is powering the VMware Cloud for AWS solution. The announcement around seamless vSphere workloads running on Amazon’s cloud is a game changer. It allows IT teams to quickly scale up or down resources to handle transient vSphere workloads. And because VMware Cloud is running on AWS, customers can connect cloud-native applications running there to their vSphere infrastructure.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Is on the Rise

Vendors are making it easier to deploy intelligent tooling and integrations to reduce complexity. VMware is now delivering the full capabilities of the software-defined data center to the public cloud with AWS. It’s a smart play since moving away from their own VMware powered public cloud offering.

VMware has embraced the hybrid IT model by empowering cross domain functionality within vSphere, NSX and now vSAN. It’s also clear their ecosystem has fully embraced this hybrid notion by creating new innovative solutions wrapped around VMware’s SDDC strategy. It would appear the stock market is also favorable on VMware’s latest moves.


A notable use case for VMware Cloud on AWS is data center consolidation for enterprises while maintaining their VMware footprint and the same tools, processes, and level of availability they already have. VMware Cloud on AWS also proves useful around hybrid applications where enterprises with traditional applications are looking to integrate them and use other AWS services and offerings as part of a hybrid application stack.

Effectively Monitor VMware Performance

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