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MSPs: What Will Your Next Revenue Stream Be?

Opportunity Is Out There
Don’t look back on the revenue stream that could have been. Partner with MSP JumpStart to define, deploy, market, and sell new managed services your competitors cannot offer.

One of the biggest regrets in any company is missing an opportunity. You might have a good idea that lacks the right product message. Or you might miss an industry trend that your competitor capitalizes on. Whatever the case, you do not want to look back on the revenue stream that could have been.

Getting Started with MSP JumpStart

MSP business evolution and growth is in our ScienceLogic DNA. We understand the challenges in the market and want to help our partners be proactive and thrive. The ScienceLogic MSP JumpStart program is your launch pad to develop new managed services. We speed up your time to market through a four-step process.

First, you need to explicitly define the service. Next, you need to determine the best deployment model. Third, you must develop effective marketing tools and campaigns. Finally, you have to train and prepare your sales staff.

MSP JumpStart program service rollout flow

MSP JumpStart process for enabling new managed services

Without Definition, There Is Chaos

The best advice to develop a new managed service is to start with a clear definition. If you are too vague about your service and its specific deliverables, it will not sell. ScienceLogic works with you to describe how you will make money, pinpoint ideal customers, and define gold, silver, and bronze service tiers. We also provide deliverables to plan and support the process down the line.

Let me share an example from one of our latest engagements. We began by reviewing their proposed service tiers. With an outsider’s eye and by asking probing questions, we positioned each tier to maximize upsell and clarified the problems this new service solves for their customers.

If You Build It Right, They Will Buy

Once you have the definition, it is time to build the platform. Where will you draw the line on SLAs? What additional tools need integration? ScienceLogic can help design the system architecture or build out the back-end system. At the same time, we make sure you meet customer agreements and adhere to any standards. We can build the tiered managed service on the ScienceLogic platform, so your offering becomes a compelling service for your customers.

Using an example from that same client, ScienceLogic is the platform behind their new managed service. ScienceLogic was already installed at their organization. They were able to use our technology to build the service on their own. Our client now has a differentiated service to appeal to a new market segment.

The Ideal Go-to-Market Strategy

After development, marketing is often tasked with creating a website, a brochure, and a datasheet in a short timeframe. Many teams feel like they have to reverse engineer the product to figure out the customer value proposition. Good thing you have JumpStart. Marketing has the value and target customer clearly laid out from the ‘define’ stage. Their job becomes easier and more importantly, faster.

In support of our recent client, ScienceLogic provided project planning, organization, and staffing support. An upcoming tradeshow was the catalyst for a launch date. We helped determine the necessary milestones and aligned the launch plan with the overall marketing strategy. We filled certain skill and staffing gaps, but the combined effort with our client’s internal staff led to ultimate success.

Helping Sales Tell the Story

The final step is crafting a story that resonates with customers. We help prepare sales enablement materials and train your sales staff to verbalize the story of your managed service. Branching into a new service can be difficult, but our experts know the best practices to achieve success.

We collaborated with our client to create a training deck for the upcoming sales kickoff, a sales playbook, and a target customer profile. We also analyzed competitors and developed pushback responses. The guidance and support from ScienceLogic assured their teams that this new offering was the right move.

Let’s Find the Next Opportunity Together

Let us help you monetize our platform so you generate new, recurring revenue that your competitors cannot offer. You can offer new services to customers such as monitoring as a service, managed cloud, managed storage, and even managed video conferencing.

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