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Meet Frank Sun, Product Manager

Meet ScienceLogic's Frank Sun, Product Manager and Logician Corner Lab Leader.

Hi, I’m Frank Sun!

Q: What do you do at ScienceLogic?
A: I’m a product manager here responsible for the integration service and our integration with ServiceNow. I started at ScienceLogic as an intern and became a full-time solutions developer working on cloud-based technology PowerPacks. In 2017, I made the jump into product management and have been working on the integration service ever since.

Q: What does IT in Motion mean for you?
A: This year is a big theme for Symposium – IT in motion. To me, what that means is taking your data and making the most of it to enable your IT operations teams. Data at rest provides no value. And so, what we’re doing is taking your data and enabling it to perform automated actions against your entire ecosystem. I’ll take ServiceNow as an example. So with ServiceNow, we’re not only enriching your CMDB and making sure it’s accurate, but we’re reducing the amount of time for your IT operations teams, and the amount of time that they spend in ServiceNow.

Q: What can attendees talk to you about at Symposium?
A: By enriching your incident records, correlating your events into incidents to reduce the amount of noise in your ServiceNow incident management module, and automatically assigning these incidents to assignment groups based on certain criteria in the events, attendees can talk to me about how to reduce the amount of time your IT operations teams need to spend performing manual tasks such as incident management. All of this ultimately enables your IT operations teams to focus on more critical daily tasks.

If you’re interested in learning more about our integration service and our solution with ServiceNow, please visit me at the Logicians Corner at Symposium 2019.

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