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Meet Adam Young, Product Manager

Meet ScienceLogic's Adam Young, Product Manager and Logician Corner Lab Leader.

Hi, I’m Adam Young!

Q: What do you do at ScienceLogic?
A: I’m a product manager at ScienceLogic, been here for a few years. Currently, I’m focused on the new user experience, the business service application, machine learning, maps, and the vision and roadmap of the ScienceLogic community.

Q: What does IT in Motion mean for you?
A: When I think of IT in motion, what I really focus on is how the architecture and software development in applications continues to change and evolve. As you go from a data-centric view to a cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud environment, you need a solution that focuses on services and applications in addition to the underlying infrastructure. This ensures you know whether or not the services and applications your business relies on, and ultimately delivers value to customers, is working appropriately or not.

Q: What can attendees talk to you about at Symposium?
A: At the Logician’s Corner, my area will have different tables focused on how:

  • Service management can be used within ScienceLogic platform
  • You can view applications, and have that work within our product
  • Maps are used across the board with our new Mapping solution

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