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What Could Your Team Do with 98 Percent Fewer IT Incidents?

Companies are striving to reduce costs while investing in advancements. The key to these goals is improving IT capability and visibility. See how Liberty reduced IT incidents by 98%.

Well, you could be like Liberty and literally add more time back into your business by saving 97.6 days of processing time.

Liberty, a South African based financial services provider, launched an initiative to centralize enterprise monitoring. They ultimately partnered with AppCentrix, an MSP, to deliver their needs. The key to this partnership though is AppCentrix’s use of ScienceLogic to provide the infrastructure monitoring and event management capabilities Liberty needs in order to provide the best service to their customers.

Nick Truran, Head of IT Operations at Liberty, recognizes that, “Partnering with a managed services provider that utilizes tools such as ScienceLogic’s platform has decreased our cost significantly and increased our capability and visibility.”


ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT service assurance platform allows Liberty to be proactive in their business monitoring process and achieve significant cost savings, reduce downtime, and improve customer service. From 2013 through 2016, overall incidents declined by 98 percent. Altogether, 97.6 days of processing time went back into Liberty’s business.

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